Coventry Hotel and Attractions

The summer season is round the corner, and it shall not be too long before the schools close down for the summer holidays. Why do you not grab this opportunity to escape the humdrum of daily life and take your family members along with you to a different city in the United Kingdom? Travelling overseas is costly and is worth it only if you have enough time and money to spare. You can easily go to Coventry, a city located in central England and famous for its medieval Coventry Cathedral and other tourist spots. However, you should remember that you might face accommodation problems, if you do not book a hotel in that city several weeks before your departure day, as many other families also visit that city during this time.

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Online booking is your best option

Almost all Hotels In Coventry have their own website and you can browse over to the same and book your rooms in advance. It also provides you the opportunity to see the different types of facility offered by the hotels, the prices they charge per night, as well as their distance from popular tourist spots, restaurants, and shopping centres. You can save money spent on transportation charges by selecting a hotel that lies in close proximity to popular tourist locales. You can save even more by selecting a hotel that includes complimentary breakfast as a part of their tariff. Check the website of the hotel to confirm if they have rooms available on your desired dates, and complete the booking process.

Popular tourist spots of Coventry

Coventry has so many tourist attractions that you might not be able to cover all of them within a week. However, you can go through the locales mentioned below and select the places you want to visit.

Coventry Transport Museum: This spot is ideal for individuals who have a fascination about cars and transportation. Located in the city centre and established in 1980, the museum is renowned throughout the world for its collection of vintage vehicles such as motorcycles, cycles, commercial vehicles, and motor cars.

Coventry Watch Museum Project: Both adults and kids will love this museum, which displays different types of watches, clocks, tools of the trade, and other artefacts. It also boasts of display boards containing images of clock relates machinery and tools as well as pictures of watches and clocks.

Some other popular tourist spots include:

- Coventry Cathedral

- Herbal Art Gallery And Museum

- Butts Park Arena

- Kenilworth Castle